Wk.10 Infographic

Using Pictochart I was able to relay the information from the blog post http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/the-10-90-rule-for-magnificient-web-analytics-success/ into an info-graphic.

Untitled Infographic


WK.4 Lightbeam

Using the application lightbeam in Mozilla Firefox, it has become bluntly apparent of the third party sites gaining access to my cookies and personal information. Although this information may be used to cater advertisements and content to my specific interests, I believe this is in fact going against what the World Wide Web is all about. This method of displaying advertising and content due to personal interests is only creating a personal bubble for the user to roam. Information which the internet might think is irrelevant to someone is hidden from them, limiting the amount of information one can discover.

The WWW is about connecting the world and enlightening ourselves to information we would not normally have access too. But if third party sites are only displaying local or repetitive information based on our search results, our information intake becomes skewed.

This can be easily comparable to politics. If a specific person is a liberal, and they frequently search liberal information and stories, the only thing the internet will guide them to is more liberal information. In theory this seems like a good idea, yet in reality, a whole other side of the argument is being neglected which might in turn have a better argument or view on topics. News stories are also altered based on search results leaving people in the dark on certain aspects of world news.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.18.03 PM

I believe it to be ignorant of people to make a stink about third party sites infringing on information one make available on the internet. If someone is going to use such a technology with an open framework and accessibility to personal information, they need to understand how it works and why third parties do this. I am not all for the catered results the internet has implemented in the last few years, but I am open to the fact that they will access my information. Its almost like leaving your lollipop on the counter and expecting no one to take it as they walk by. If someone doesn’t want their information to be made public, then don’t put it on the internet.